If It Is Success in the Eyes of the World

It’s been challenging to decide exactly where to begin my second blog entry, as I’ve felt the pressure to start this blog off just right, and have bounced around varied ideas about how to accomplish that.  I finally concluded that I should just start writing and see where that takes me, so here we are.

There is a favorite quote of mine that I would like to share with you to kick my blog off right!  It represents a core belief of mine and I feel it embodies one of the most important notions to keep in mind as you work towards building a business of your own or in pursuing anything in life.  Anna Quindlen, a novelist and journalist with Newsweek, wrote in one of her books, “If it is success in the eyes of the world, but not success in your heart, then it is not success at all.”

I think this is crucial to keep in mind as you strive to pursue your career.  Enjoying life to the fullest potential and having a rewarding career is about doing what you love.  Remember, don’t measure your success against the metrics of society, but rather the metrics of your heart.

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