Why I started “Washing the Dishes”

I’m Matthew Jackson, the author of Washing the Dishes, and I’m a young entrepreneur actively engaged in the business community in San Antonio, Texas.  Early during my collegiate career at the University of Texas at San Antonio, I recognized that I had a great passion for all things business.  I’ve always considered myself fortunate for this reason, because many people spend years or even decades finding their callings in life.

After completing my studies at the University, I jumped right into the aggressive arena that is the business world.  I work as a consultant for a group of businesses in San Antonio that focus on a number of endeavors: business development, business acceleration, mobile phone applications, and preparing companies for initial public offerings.  Additionally, I’m a founder of PREE Corporation, a technology development company, and currently serve on the Board of Directors and as the Chief Financial Officer.

Building businesses and getting your hands dirty is what Washing the Dishes is all about!  No company opens its doors on the first day as a multi-million dollar business, and there is hard, challenging work along the path.  You have to be willing to get your hands in the sink, scrub those dirty plates, and remember each pair of water-logged hands as you build the foundation and structure of your business.  If you are genuinely passionate about what you do, and remember to find the fun in life, you’ll be impressed by your accomplishments.

I couldn’t be more excited to take this journey with you, and I hope my insights as a young entrepreneur can teach and inspire you!

Off to Wash the Dishes,

Matt Jackson

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